Outside ph7

Outside Ph7

Usage: High-foaming product for cleaning dirty external surfaces of means of transport: rail car, tram, bus, etc. Preparation for removing all greasy dirt, insects, dried dirt, rust coatings and other dirt created during use from water resistant surfaces. The agent does not leave streaks and streaks and delays the re-deposition of dirt. For use by professional companies.

Application: Concentrated product. Dilute the preparation depending on the degree of soiling: For manual washing use solutions with a concentration of 2-4% depending on the degree of soiling. For machine washing, use solutions with a concentration of 1-3% depending on the degree of soiling. 50-100ml per 10l of water. Apply working solution to the surface to be cleaned. Leave for 3-4 minutes. Scrub and rinse with water. Note: Do not let it dry. For very bothersome stains, do not dilute the preparation.

Composition is detergent regulations compliant:less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, diethylene glycol butyl ether, additives
Technical data:
Color: transparent, straw
Scent: specific
Consistency: liquid
Concentrate pH:: ca.7
Packaging: 1L, 5L, 10L

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